Whether you just need a little support or would rather like an all-round carefree package, you can always count on us!

"Can't do it - we don't want to - we can't" doesn't exist with us!

Over time we have built up a large network of professional partners and service providers on Mallorca. From the wedding location to the catering, decoration, music, wedding speakers and photographers, we are sure to find a selection that suits you perfectly.

So that you can completely relax at your wedding and just enjoy the day, we as wedding planners are on site with you all day and take care of the process, the coordination of the service providers, your guests and of course you as the bridal couple.

In order to make one of the most beautiful days of your life perfect and stress-free, it is important for us to get to know you in a personal conversation. If you don't live in Mallorca, you're more than welcome to call or Skype!

Where we can support you......

  • Location search
  • Catering
  • Decoration
  • Budget planning
  • Style concepts
  • Light and entertainment concepts
  • Photographers and videographers
  • Bridal styling
  • Party favours
  • Wedding cakes & candy bars
  • Speaker and pastor
  • Guest management
  • Private transfers
  • Accompaniment on the wedding day
  • Entertainment for children / babysitting

Civil ceremony

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Have you always dreamed of getting married in paradise? Saying yes by the sea, or on a romantic finca, surrounded by the idyllic nature of Mallorca? Then we would be happy to organize a civil ceremony wedding for you. There are no limits to the imagination here and the ceremonies are individually and personally tailored to you. We work together with selected English-speaking wedding speakers on Mallorca, who will make your ceremony unforgettable.

Church wedding

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For you, the wedding ceremony in the church with a festively decorated alter is simply part of your wedding?

That's no problem in Mallorca. On Mallorca you have the opportunity to be married by a German-speaking Catholic or Protestant pastor. Whether in a small romantic chapel by the sea, in a church or in a cathedral - we are happy to support you in finding the right location.

Damit ihr auf Mallorca kirchlich heiraten könnt, müsst ihr lediglich vorab in Deutschland standesamtlich heiraten und bei eurer deutschen Kirchengemeinde eine Überweisung nach Mallorca beantragen. Damit auf Mallorca für euch alles reibungslos klappt, übernehmen wir gerne die Gänge zu den spanischen Kirchen und Gemeinden.

Good to know

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Can you get married on the beach?

Isn't it just a great idea to get married right on the beach in front of a turquoise blue backdrop. This is only possible to a limited extent in Mallorca. Since the beaches are open to the public and without proper permission, the police may have to break up the wedding ceremony.

We have contacts with the authorities and always try to get the appropriate license. Furthermore, weddings on the beach are possible from the late afternoon, when there are not so many bathing holidaymakers at the sea and we immediately feel the midday heat. To be on the safe side, we would also be happy to book a beach club for you.

Until when can music be played at an event?

Celebrations must be celebrated and for this reason we also choose wedding locations that have concessions for musical entertainment until after midnight. Especially solitary fincas are ideal.

Is marriage recognized in Mallorca? What are the requirements to get married in Mallorca?

Did you know that a civil marriage in Mallorca is only possible for residents of the Balearic Islands? Many of our bridal couples are therefore married in Germany and the free wedding ceremony is then chosen in Mallorca.

Of course you can also get married very romantically and traditionally in a church on Mallorca. The Catholic wedding is only possible in the church, a Protestant, on the other hand, can also take place under the Mallorcan sun and in the open air. As a rule, the churches accept a small donation.